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For us, your satisfaction is the first, so we will do everything to achieve the desired result.

Why Choose Us?

25 years experience

Our 25 years of experience guarantees our competence. An army of antique carpets has been turned under our hands, so you can safely entrust your floor carpet to us.

Professional machines

We work with American, Swedish and German machines. After all, professional work can only be done with professional machines

Highly qualified professionals

We are proud that our employees are all highly qualified professionals. That way you only get the best. 


Szeretnénk ügyfeleinknek a legmagasabb színvonalú szolgáltatást nyújtani, ezért csapatunk csak is kizárólag prémium gépparkkal, illetve prémium kategóriás bio tisztítószerekkel dolgozik. 

Cégünk fő profilja a kárpittisztítás, padlószőnyeg tisztítás, szőnyeg tisztítás. 

Mottónk: „Ügyfél az első. Minden helyzetből a lehető legjobbat kell kihozni.” 

Telephelyünk Budapesten található, szolgáltatásunkat ugyanakkor Pest megyében is elérheti.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We arrive, say hello politely according to the time of day, and introduce ourselves! We put the leg bag on our feet and then discuss the surfaces to be cleaned. We will then carry out a trial cleaning and then provide you with an exact price quote. If that's OK, we'll start cleaning. 

1. Phase: Dust and mite removal with an OGYÉI licensed vacuum cleaner and electric carpet duster head.
2. Phase: Swiss-made bio shampoo treatment, using dry foam technology, with the help of a 3-disc American scrubbing machine.
3. Phase: Universal bioenzyme spraying, then disinfection with a dry steam cleaning machine and carpet smoothing.
3+1. Phase: In the case of flattened carpets, we carry out mechanical carpet tufting and renovation, also with a machine made in the USA (without water).

In this way, your carpet receives a unique, water-free pampering, which not only guarantees a longer life compared to water procedures, but also dust-free and spotless cleanliness at the same time!

1. Phase: Dust and mite removal with an OGYÉI licensed vacuum cleaner and electric upholstery dusting head. (30cm deep)
2. Phase: Special organic enzyme pretreatment, which is baby and animal friendly.
3. Phase: With our industrial spray extraction machine, depending on the level of contamination, water is added to the upholstery, which is immediately sucked back, thereby cutting the drying time in half.
3+1. Phase: If required, gentle extra disinfection with dry steam.

We assess the condition and contamination of the floor. We pretreat the surface with our special organic, baby- and animal-friendly chemicals. Then we clean the floor with our double roller brush machine. We use a high-pressure steam machine in hard-to-reach places. Wash the surface with clean water and leave the floor shiny.

It depends on the area to be cleaned. But one thing is for sure, thorough cleaning takes time. We can give you an estimate in advance of how long it will take, but this will only be revealed on site. You pay to get the best possible end result, and we work to make it happen. 

The drying time of each cleaned surface depends on the degree of contamination. (because the more polluted it is, the more water we have to use) 

In general, the drying times:

Floor: 20 minutes.
Floor carpet: 2-3 hours.
Thin carpet: 1-2 hours.
Thick stuffed carpet: 2-3 hours.
Upholstered chair: 3-4 hours.
Upholstered sofa: 6-12 hours.
Bed mattress: 6-12 hours.

We are a 100% clean business inside and out. We don't drink, we don't smoke, and our moral order is also in place. So you don't have to worry about who you let into your apartment. We leave just as we enter the door, taking only the dirt with us.

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