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Mite Removal

What is a dust mite?

In order to defeat dust mites, we must first know what we are up against!

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Their favorite habitat is the carpet, upholstered surfaces, furniture, pillows and mattresses! We spend 20-30% of our lives in our beds, would you like to share your bed with them?

Of course not! Unfortunately, many people don't even know about their existence! However, they greatly contribute to the quality of our sleep! 


Do you wake up without sleep? Do you often have headaches? Sneezing and red eyes?

In most cases, dust mites' excrement is behind this! If we pay attention to regular cleaning, we can reduce the number of dust mites in our home. 

If possible, ventilate our room several times a day, especially the bedroom. Let's try to heat it to the same temperature and try to keep the relative humidity of the apartment below 60 percent!

Attention allergy sufferers!

Do you suffer from house dust allergy or dust mite allergy?

Unfortunately, this type of allergy persists throughout the year. It is not tied to the season.

Allergists recommend cleaning carpets, other upholstery and mattresses 4-5 times a year. In this case, deep cleaning and mite removal are also recommended!

We clean the furniture according to the above recommendations. Highly efficient dust mite remover with a HEPA air filter vacuum cleaner that filters with 99.95% efficiency.

Deep cleaning is performed with our spray extraction machine for maximum cleanliness!

For regular mite removal, ask for our special discount offer! Cleanliness belongs to everyone!



Helyszínen történő függöny tisztítás Budapesten. Az új fajta technológia lehetővé teszi, hogy a függöny levétel nélkül professzionális gépek + bio tisztítószerek segítségével megújul és felfrissül.

Kérje ingyenes árajánlatunkat! Referencia munkáinkat a képek között találhatja.


Fuga tisztítás

Bizonyára Ön is tudja, hogy mennyi időt vesz igénybe a fugák teljes tisztítása. 

Speciális súrológéppel és vagy gőzgéppel (140 Celsius fok) vállaljuk az Ön otthonában, hogy újra zsír, kosz, olaj, penész mentes legyen a járólapok közötti fuga. 

Kérje ingyenes árajánlatunkat! Referencia munkáinkat a képek között találhatja.

Are you interested? Request an offer today!

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