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Professional environmentally friendly radiator cleaning

Why Choose Us?

A warmer apartment

The basis of professional upholstery cleaning is thorough preliminary vacuuming. Our special vacuum cleaners extract dust and dust mites at a depth of 30 cm.

Elimination of unpleasant odors

Bio-enzymatic and chemical cleaning, which is harmless to both humans and animals.

A healthier environment

It effectively copes with stains and dirt.

Cleaner air

If our radiator is dirty and dusty, the cold air coming from below will flow into the air of the room together with the heat and dust of the radiator. Thus continuously polluting our air.

Lower heating bill

By cleaning the convector plates of the radiator, the warm air can flow much more efficiently. As a result, the air can transport heat much better. In this way, we can achieve a warmer apartment at a lower temperature. We will also feel this on our wallets.

Is the apartment clean, but for some reason the air is still dusty during the heating season? Has the heating value of the radiator deteriorated?

radiátor előtte radiátor utána

Radiator heating delivers the heat produced in a central location to the various rooms using a network of pipes. In the localities, the radiators take care of the heat release. Compared to cast iron radiators, plate radiators used in more modern heating systems take up significantly less space, and heat is released on the bent plate surface, which is mostly located inside the radiator. Over the years, this plate surface is often filled with various dust and dirt due to use. Why should you use this service?

With radiator heating, the air flows in a circle in the room. Cool air flows in at the bottom of the radiator, and since the warm air rises, the already warmed air flows out of the inside of the radiator, thus starting a natural air circulation. Part of the dust stuck to the surface of the radiator comes off during the air flow, thus the dust particles are released into the room's air space during the flow. In addition to dust, soot cobwebs, kitchen grease fumes and even nicotine deposits can easily be found. depending on the location of the radiator.

Important to know:

The fine dust in the air contributes to allergy symptoms.
The descending air in the radiator transports the dust from the radiator to the furniture and other objects.
Dust stuck to the radiator it worsens the efficiency of its heat release, which uses more energy, thus causing extra costs.

What are the most common symptoms?

The inside of radiators that are not in use is a perfect hiding place for spiders, so they can weave their cobwebs on the inner plate part, on which dust can sit perfectly. The absolutely fine dust particles don't even need the spider web, so they can stick to the inner zigzag plate.
The bottom and top of the radiator are equally warm everywhere, although the apartment is not as warm as before.

Why choose us?

The radiator is delivered 100% clean.
Floor and wall we work with protection.
We never leave after the completed task dirt after us.

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